After talked Environment Protection / Social Responsibility / Production Safety / Additional Value ... etc.,  this season, let's bring you to focus on Sustainable Packaging, which is the most significant segment on our products, customers may rise up the challenge, as well as link to cost.

As a responsible enterprise and the creative supporter of Eco-friendly Earth, Kinfoil is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of its packaging during manufacture, use and disposal, whilst at the same time ensuring that all packaging fulfills its primary purpose, which is to protect and extend the life, safety and quality of all our supplying products. 

At Kinfoil, to achieve better, we work collaboratively with all our customers, suppliers and other relative partners to design packaging that has a small environmental fooprint by integrating the more Eco-friendly for sustainable packaging idea and design into all our ranges. 

To guide every decision and implement in details,  we will recommend and stress all our partners to care about, of course, and beyond below:

1.  Packing Life Management Cycle – to reduce environmental impacts across the entire packaging life cycle.
2.  Entirely Systems - to be a fundamental concept of the packaging as a whole completely, which can be reduced, reused, recycled, and waste minimization.     



3.  Quality and safety influence- balance all the above to fit, convenience properly and assure safety enough for our customers.

Again, Kinfoil has been working hard on other new sustainability plan, which benefit and better live on Earth – we always believe Low Carbon and Save-energy is a eternal stream deserved everyone values and practices in life.

In terms of Sustainable Packaging, should you have any questions, concerns or if any share or support you require, please don't hesitate to reach out of our Sustainability team at directly.

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